October New Releases at Star Cinema Grill in Conroe

Sometimes all you need to get into the Halloween spirit is a scary movie or thriller film. Star Cinema Grill in Conroe, Texas has a great new October movie for Halloween fans of all ages. The kids can check out Venom, and you can come see Halloween or Suspiria on a day you have a sitter. There is something for everyone here at Pine Hollow so come celebrate October in Conroe with Star Cinema Grill!

Goosebumps 2

This one is definitely for the kids, but those parents who read the Goosebumps books as a kid will surely feel some nostalgia with Goosebumps 2 at Star Cinema Grill! You can let your kids get in the Halloween spirit with this whole spooky movie. They will love every second of this great film!

Venom is a Must-See

If your kids love superheroes and action movies, Venom is a must-see! It’s action packed with plenty of stunts, high-speed driving and Marvel characters running up the walls of skyscrapers. Your kids will be talking about this one for weeks! This movie is for both the young adult and the adult.

Celebrate October at Star Cinema Grill with the new Halloween 

Nothing says Halloween quite like the iconic movie, Halloween. We all remember just where we were when we saw our first Halloween movie. The creepy music that we all recognize and associate with getting the daylights scared out of us by Michael Myers has not changed; this time marks 40 years since it all started.

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