Summer Vacation in Conroe at Pine Hollow

School is out and summer is here, but are you ready for it? With the season coming in hot, it’s nice to have a couple of ideas for what you can do, and Pine Hollow is the perfect place for just that. Keep reading on how to spend a summer vacation in Conroe at Pine Hollow:

Movie Nights on Summer Vacation

If you’re looking for an easy way to pass the time with fun and action this summer, head to Star Cinema Grill in Conroe for the night. Choose from your favorite movie releases and enjoy food, drinks and snacks while you relax in luxury seating. Check out the specials for the best night to go with your friends and family.

Hot Supreme Buffets

Every summer needs a good buffet night. Kioku Supreme Buffet at Pine Hollow gives you the perfect chance to stuff your face while you clean your plates. Spend the night diving into seafood, salad bars, desserts and more. Don’t forget to go back for seconds, or thirds.

Summer DIYs from Dollar Tree

If you like DIYs or even staying in for the night, Dollar Tree has plenty of options for you. From candy to party supplies, make the most of your summer with the least amount of price. This is also a good way to practice building your special ice cream and dessert concessions to beat the heat.

Planning out your summer can be overwhelming sometimes, but Pine Hollow makes it a little easier for you. From movies to ice cream, spend this summer doing what you want to. For more ideas on what to do this summer in Conroe, check out our blogs and directory pages!

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